Thursday, June 25, 2009

Follow-Up Appointment

We had the follow-up appointment with my OB/GYN this evening. All the fertility bloodwork came back fine and normal for me. The HSG (internal X-ray) they did of me was very good, showing no blockages or obstructions in my tubes.

Test results for my husband (we'll call him Elric) came back close enough to a normal count that the doctor wasn't concerned about it (44 million when a normal rage is 50-150 million). He has a follow-up scheduled with his doctor about the results that did show some red blood cells in his specimen, which is sometimes evidence of an infection.

We also ran a few different thyroid tests on me, as I have a family history of thyroid disease, and have been borderline underactive in the past. My TSH (thyroid hormone) levels came back normal, which is good. If they are low, that can make conception difficult. However, it turns out that my body is manufacturing antibodies against my thyroid. It's as if my system doesn't recognize the thyroid as being my own.

We made an appointment for another follow-up at the end of August. In the meantime, Elric will have a follow-up with his doctor, I'll go to see an endocrinologist to discuss the antibody issue and see how we want to address that, and we're going to pick up a fertility test kit.

The doc recommended Clear Blue Easy. On her orders, we'll continue to try on the schedule that we have been, but we'll make sure it coincides with the results from the test kit. The doc also wants me to track the results from the kit tests. Today is day 5, and we're to start testing around day 10 or 11, so I'm going to buy the kit tomorrow. We'll start trying again on day 10, and go for every other day.

I'd love to have a follow-up with the GYN before the end of August, but she wants us to have enough time to have our appointments with the other doctors, and to try a few cycles with the fertility test kit. If we don't have luck by the time of our follow-up with her, we'll look at putting me on Clomid or something similar.

We'll see where this all goes!

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